Production Support

With competition growing every second, banks and financial institutions are challenged to stay on top of the latest technology trends. The industry has consistently shown itself to be forward-thinking and adaptable, as each new round of technology has been consistently used to spur industry growth, from new customer service interfaces to stronger security and faster transactions.

With the digital landscape changing at an incredible pace , demands on IT to manage the complexity, keep costs down, and meet business needs are high and becoming tougher day by day . This underscores the need to have a trusted technology partner.

Using a trusted and cost-effective services provider like Sirma Business Consulting keeps you profitable. At Sirma we believe we are the extended arm of the institution and its our responsibility to take the complexity out of banking technology, so banks can focus on providing what they are for: "Customer Delightful banking experience“.

Sirma offers a range of Consulting and Managed service offerings which will help banks stay on top of the cutting-edge technologies. Being Oracle’s go to Gold Partner provides you with the confidence that you are dealing with an authority when it comes to Oracle enterprise solutions and services.

Support Service

Deep Expertise in FLEXCUBE
Demonstrate Value & Bring Efficiency
SLA Driven Un-Complicated Support Model
Cost Effective BAU Support
Quicker TAT for Product Roll outs
Predictable & Reliable Service

Database Tuning

Banks and financial institutions have huge databases to which they add large number of records on a daily basis. Over a long period, these databases tend to become cumbersome and unwieldy and the software processes executed on them begin taking an unduly long time to process. This results in significant time and income losses to them. Delays in processes not only result in efficiency losses but adversely affect customer services also.

We offer our database tuning services customized to your requirements to ensure that your computer systems continue to process data efficiently and quickly.


Sirma BC with its 100+ Man years of experience, understand that implementing a new core system is one of the most challenging initiatives a financial institution can undertake. It requires bold decisions and rigorous program implementation to achieve sustainable business and technology transformation. We also understand that due to the rapid progress of technology the players in the financial services industry are finding it a big challenge to stay abreast of the developments. Your competitive strength and success in the market is largely based on your capability to quickly adopt progressive technologies without being left behind. Sirma BC create disruptions to all these by our process-oriented approach

Sirma Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship

We shall create multiple contact points for your customers to stay connected with you. These would comprise of traditional methods such as print and television as well as the modern on-line fora such as chat, discussion groups and social media. Monitoring the opinions of customers on-line and responding in real time will ensure that your intimacy with the customers is substantially enhanced.

Sirma Process Documentation

Process Documentation

Software processes and protocols need to be comprehensively documented to avoid chronic degradations that not only diminish efficiency and effectiveness but also threaten security and allow the ubiquitous malwares to cause disruptions and losses. We can work with you to create complete and error free documentation of your software processes. We can also help you keep the processes updated and relevant.

Sirma Product Innovation

Product Innovation

“Innovation has been the hallmark of the development of a suite of products and services for the customers.” - Anonymous. Our support will enable you to design and introduce innovative products without any technology impediments. We shall configure and implement new products on your core banking platform without major internal disruptions or customer service issues

Sirma Process Implementation

Process Implementation

Documented processes need to be implemented to achieve the desired operational efficiency.At Sirma BC our support begins with process documentation and continues through implementation till the targeted efficiency is attained and the contribution to your bottom line demonstrated.

Data Migration

Data migration is a key process in any system implementation, upgrade, or consolidation. A well-defined and process-oriented data migration strategy is vitally important to the timeliness and ultimate success of the venture. These projects yield high business benefits (such as cost savings, increased productivity and improved data manageability) but at the same time they tend to involve a high level of risk due to the volume and criticality/complexity of the data.

One of the major problems with many data migration processes is that the legacy system support team is not aware of the new system and its data structure and the new incoming system vendors are not aware of the data structure of legacy system. This gap becomes severe if the legacy system is quite old and the support is very minimal. We at Sirma strive to bridge this gap. We work with the legacy system team from inception, and learn the legacy system to the extent of automating process rather than human resources that can be a risk for error and are more cost-effectively deployed elsewhere.

The migration is done by creating a design that maps the data from the old system to the new system in a way that relates the old data formats to the new formats and requirements. Depending on the complexity of the project, few or many phases can be involved, but at a minimum includes

  1. Data extraction: The data is read from the old system
  2. Data transformation: Legacy data is transformed into a format that is compatible with the new system
  3. Data loading: Data is written into the new system.

or as we call it IMPACTO – ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

Our Data validation techniques include

Data Validations

  • Load Balancing Validations
  • Business/Scenarios based Validations
  • Data plus List Reconciliations
  • Data Reports

Functional Testing

  • UI Smoke Testing.
  • End to End Business Process Testing.
  • Life Cycle Testing

Testing Services

Sirma’s testing services provides the best in class support for all testing needs which helps to reduce the risk of application failure and ensure maximum up time of the systems. We at Sirma follow the software development life cycle and software test cycle’s (STLC) systematic approach to testing requirements. The following are some of our core competencies, but our testing services are not limited to:

Manual Testing

We perform detailed quality analysis (QA) with a focus to enhance software viability. We focus on the software’s specifications, user friendly nature, and the user acceptance testing (customer onboarding). Our focused manual testing process helps in debugging software to keep a smooth operation.

Automation Testing

When the system is stable, we perform automation testing. For any new release, we check that the new software release is not detrimentally affecting the product. If product is large, manual testing will take overwhelming amount of time. Hence, our automation testing practice is put to task. Automation testing is done on the old version while the new version goes through detailed manual tests. We combine methods to ensure that any product is delivering at maximum potential in the most efficient way.

Performance Testing

When systems are stable, we check the load bearing capability to ensure that no crashes occur. The stability count makes certain that the system is comfortable adjusting to the number of users on it. This part of our work is crucial to the determined functioning of the system. We check the speed, response time, reliability, resource usage, scalability of a software program under their expected workload.

Web Security/Ethical Hacking

We ensure protective storage of Personal Identifying Information (PII) that is essential to the long-term viability of a software. We follow all compliance norms (HIPPA/PCI/ISO) to make sure that data is protected at all cost. Furthermore, we ensure failure protection by focusing on software performance and load balancing of servers to ensure smooth running.

Our TaaS model includes:

  • To process validations
  • Process audit and validations
  • Functional testing
  • Business Uses Case Validations
  • Business Continuity Process Validations
  • Load / Stress testing
  • Performance and Benchmark testing
  • Regression testing
  • Security Testing and Ethical hacking
  • Data List Validations
  • Mobile application testing
  • Specialized Testing: Testing of Core Banking System (Flexcube), testing of DW/BI platforms which requires niche skill set and combination of various technologies.
  • System Integration Testing
  • Third Party API Testing

Key Benefits:

  • Leverage standardized and highly efficient test methodologies addressing security, reliability, and manageability while catering to continuous cost pressures, higher transparency, certainty of outcomes, and service level compliance
  • Tests like performance / load testing can be done as close as possible to real life (as if the system was up and running) – multiple locations, multiple languages, over different time zones run dynamically having a large number of parameters
  • Industrialize the test services (“Test Factory”)
  • Give advance insight into costs and running time
  • Improve test processes continuously

Oracle Flexcube Services

Sirma with its 100+ man years of experience in implementing Oracle Financial Software Services’ banking products (Oracle FLEXCUBE UBS & Oracle Flexcube Investor Servicing), brings in industries’ best practices and process-oriented approach which makes the implementation process or Managed services a cakewalk. We are confident that our consultants will bring a lot of value additions and best practices that have been captured over the years which will take the engagement to a different level.

We at Sirma believe, we are who we are because of our customers and we value and put every effort so that our customers have the best engaging experience. It’s worth noting that we being Oracle's Gold Partner provide you with the confidence that you are dealing with an authority when it comes to Oracle enterprise solutions and services.

Sirma Why Us

Why us?

  • Dedicated Group of Aficionado on FLEXCUBE
  • Robust and home-grown process and frameworks
  • Process oriented approach
  • End to end life cycle testing as opposed to testing modules in Silos
  • Test cases prepared based on the To Be Process
  • VIS-VIS validations of the products and offerings.